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Extension cable needed for Razer Nommo Pro speaker cable

  • 24 September 2023
  • 8 replies

Hi, I need an extension cable for my new Nommo Pro speaker system, P/N RZ-05-02470100-R3U1, as the sub has to be mounted too far away from one on the speakers.


Is there an extension cable available for this system?  Thank you for your time.

8 Replies

I also have this problem -  really need the extension

I found them on Amazon.  Not cheap at about $25 each but I needed them and they work well.

Thx Ruby - couldn’t find it on Amazon Australia - but found them on ebay - as you said expensive - but will certainly help sort out my under desk space - shame Razer doesn’t make them or would just make the cables a metre longer


Glad you were able to find them.  I ordered two, only needed one so I have an extra one.  For those in the US who may need one:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BC69W7LL?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

Does anyone know where I can find an extension cable for the Nommo V2 X? I would like to have the speakers further apart and haven’t had any luck finding a compatible connector or even be able to identify what the connector type is.

Hi MLB999, I am not sure what the connector on your particular speaker looks like, but if you can take a good picture of it and post it, I’ll try and help if I can.

Thanks RubyRhod. Here are three pictures. One of the plug side-on, one of the plug front-on and one of the plug socket at the back of the speaker.


Thanks for posting the pictures.  I don’t have the answer but, hopefully, maybe someone else does.  Good luck!