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Feature Request regarding Razer MB

  • 3 January 2023
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I recently bought the ASRock X570 Taichi (Razer Edition) Motherboard, since everything I own in my Setup is pretty much razer, so why isn't my motherboard, you know? I really love the convinience to control everything from one software, as far as it works.. I do have some extra Software installed, like the Yeelight Chroma Connector, Goove Desktop App, G.Skill Lightning Control and MSI Center but ya..

The only thing I'm really missing is the options is overall control for the motherboard.. I can't control my RAM-RGB, I can't tell my Grapics Card anything, I can't do nothing. The typical ASrock Software doesn't detect it as a ASrock product (and isn't available for download either) which is pretty frustrating.

Is there anyway that this can get implemented in the future? I really love that MB but not having full control as I would have had with my old MSI Board for example, is a bit frustrating.

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