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Firefly Hyperflux Problem

Hey, so I've got this Mamba + Firefly Hyperflux set, and for the past week the mat isn't lighting anymore. If I disconnect and reconnect the usb, it only lights for a few seconds. I saw somewhere someone saying that the chroma app should be closed, but I'm only using the "breathing" config, not the chroma config.
Could someone shed some light on this please?

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Hi there! Have you tried plugging it into another PC to see if the same issue persists? Is it only the Firefly Hyperflux that doesn't light up? Does the Mamba Hyperflux lose power as well? Let me know.
Hi !
I didn't try in another pc yet, it's weird because when I close all Razer apps, it works, but something seems to be happening with the Firefly.
Mamba is working fine, in my red breathing setup.
Also, the power light from the Firefly is working.
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Thanks for the reply. Have you tried updating the firmware? If you haven't yet, please do. You can use this link. Let me know how it goes.
My firmwares weren't up to date, but now they are.
Still, nothing changed.
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Thanks for the update. Please send over the serial number of your Mamba and Firefly Hyperflux through PM. Make sure to include the link to the thread as well. Let's continue there.