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How do i connect my Razer Tartarus v2 with macbook pro.

  • 8 March 2023
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 so i have downloaded the razer synapse app and when i update the app , it get updated to the version 1.88.20 
from there i could do anything and it says, please connect a device. is there a way to fix this? 
im not a gamer and my use case with this keyboard is clearly for the functionality of improving my speed while designing with different softwares. 


3 Replies

Hi, I am considering moving from PC to mac but I first wanted to make sure that my hardware tools, like the Razer Tartarus v2, works with mac.
Just like you I use it as a big part of my design workflow to improve speed.
Did you ever get it working with your Macbook pro or was it just not working after update?


Depends on what you mean by work - stuff like mice and headphones will work without synapse, as in will play sound and be able to click on stuff, but anything like macros and controlling the RGB can't be done without synapse, sorry.

Its a real shame, too. The Tartarus V2 is a nice piece of kit. But without synapse, its more of a stress toy for keyboard enthusiasts. my recommendation is either wait until razer decides to humor the mac community and port their software, whitch WILL be a while, or get the OG Tartarus secondhand. As synapse 2 is on mac, you can use it for productivity, as I assume you aren't using it for gaming.

Recién me pase a Mac,  y oh sorpresa no hay software para Tartarus, lo uso para tareas de diseño configurado para 4 programas, debería existir una alternativa para Mac, ahora tengo un portapapeles en mi escritorio