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How to keep ethernet or wifi connection live in sleep mode on Blade

  • 27 May 2021
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I have a Razer Blade 14" (2017) model behind a router (Apple Time machine) sitting at home, which I'm trying to connect via ssh through the internet in when the Blade is in sleep mode by using Wake on Lan via wifi or ethernet.

However both Wifi and ethernet have different issues with the Blade's sleep mode, and hibernation disabled by setting the timer to 0 min (never).

1. via Wifi
- Blade loses wifi connection sometime after going to sleep, not right after. I believe it randomly loses connection, which happens when I'm playing games on it too.
- Is there a way to make the wifi connection more stable? I found many with the Killer network adapter is facing the same issue.
- Or make the Blade try to reconnect wifi during sleep?

2. via Ethernet
- Ethernet connection immediately loses connection as soon as Blade goes to sleep.
- The cable is connect via Blade's USB-C port using a USB-C to ethernet dongle. I can see the dongle's green light turn off as soon as the Blade goes to sleep. Tried various ways to keep the USB-C powered on during sleep but none worked. Any ideas how to make this work?

Please help!

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Open Power and Sleep settings. There should be an option saying “When my PC is asleep and on battery power, disconnect from the network” on the right-side panel. Change that to Never. You will also want to go to the Network driver properties>Configure>Allow this device to wake the computer and all similar options. Giving the laptop a static IP may also help.