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Huntsman Analogue V2 Joystick Mapping Not Working

Hi guys,

My new Huntsman v2 Analog has arrived and I am having issues getting the analog part of it working.

I have gone into synapse and pressed the "Bind WASD keys to controller joystick" and as soon as I do that the WASD keys essentially stop working. If I toggle back into typing mode they work again but as soon as I go back into the Custom Profile they don't work. (Nothing is registered in game)

The keystrokes are registered in the synapse sensitivity settings, its just not working in game (currently Halo Infinite).

I am pretty sure I am just doing something wrong but I cant figure it out.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The WASD Controller Binding works in Fortnite but not Halo Infinite, Minecraft or Rocket League. Is it just that not many games support the Analog keyboard function? It seems weird to me as all games mentioned support the use of a controller.

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