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Huntsman Elite Volume wheel problem

  • 11 September 2020
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Is there anyone having problems with their Huntsman Elite Volume wheel control? Mine is malfunctioning big time. When I want it to go volume up, it goes down and sometimes the volume level numbers are going up and down but when I stop scrolling it, the volumes didn't change at all. I had this keyboard for a year now, at first my main issue was the metal frame for the wrist pad gives small amount of electric shocks. When I asked the store where I bought it if they can replace it, they said I just need to update the firmware. This is my 3rd keyboard from Razer and the most expensive one and so far all it gives me is headache and disappointments.

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1 Reply

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I'm sorry if your experience with the keyboard hasn't been up to par. Allow me to try and sort things out for you. Please send me the serial number of your Huntsman Elite so I can give you the firmware update. Let's go from there.

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