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Issue with Razer Surround

  • 30 January 2019
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A few days ago, I bought the Razer Kraken pro v2 which has a 3.5mm cable to connect to my laptop. A problem that I noticed immediately was that the sound of the headset wasn't as I expected. I then downloaded Razer Surround to improve the quality using the equalizer function of the Surround software, however, once I logged in with my account, the only thing I could do was selecting the kind of headset i am using and testing it with a sound sequence. Other than that, I couldn't use any other functions of the software like the equalizer at all, as clicking on the different buttons didn't do anything except for moving the window around on my desktop.

Now to my question:
is this because the Razer Kraken pro v2 is not supported by the software or is it a problem with the 3.5mm cable?

How do i change the sound quality of my Razer Kraken Pro v2?

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