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Issues with audio Kraken X

I just bought the Kraken X headset and I used them for a day, they worked fine in games and just online. Today, I tried to download the 7.1 surround sound and now the headset doesn't work. I tried to go through all the settings I could think of and I still can't get it to work. I'm not sure what to do from here.

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Do you have the analog or the USB variant of the Kraken X, and do you mind sharing a screenshot of your Windows sound settings?
I have the analog, the 3.5 mm jack. Here are my sound settings as I had them when it didn't work, if I turn off the surround sound and only have the Realtek on, the sound works fine.
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I don't see anything wrong with the screenshots you shared. This may have something to do with the 7.1 surround drivers. By the way, did you successfully activate the 7.1 surround app using the key that came with your headset? In any case, please PM me the serial number of your headset so I can look into more model-specific solutions.