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Issues with Razer Kraken Headset

  • 25 December 2022
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Hello, I recently got a Razer Kraken Headset for Christmas but I'm running into many issues. The first issue I had was the 7.1 surround sound code being used up despite this headset being completely new. I found the 7.1 support website but it requires the headset's serial number. For this headset, the serial number is located under the left side of the earcup and it requires me to remove it to see it. However, the issue is that I can't get it off no matter what. I tried the manual instructions, I looked at the official earcup removal video, I looked at other videos on YouTube and nothing is working. I'm barely able to get a little opening before I have to retract my finger from how much it hurts. This is really stressful and I'm completely lost. I'm writing this thread to ask for advice with removing the earcup or anything related to the code or serial number.

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