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jumpy scroll wheel

  • 1 April 2022
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I have a Razor Deathadder essential mouse which I got around September and for the past couple months the scroll wheel has deteriorated in function, getting more inaccurate and jumpy over time. Randomly scrolling down a couple ticks when I scroll up and vise versa. I find this issue strange because the mouse shouldn't be dirty, I plugged it into an alternate USB port and it pretty much fixed the issue but only for a couple days in which it deteriorated again much quicker. Ive tried reinstalling the driver but it did nothing. New USB ports no longer do anything. Its really annoying.

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1 Reply

Thank you for posting your concern here. After all the troubleshooting you've done, I conclude that this is a hardware issue. Please PM me your device's serial number and receipt of purchase so that I can validate the warranty status.

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