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Keyboard and mouse LEDs not working at all

  • 16 January 2024
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Been rearranging my room and desk setup when I began to attempt to cable manage my keyboard and mouse. I have a Blackwidow V4 X and Razer Naga classic.


I first plugged both into a powered USB hub. Through the hub, both keyboard and mouse were 100% unresponsive and undetected by windows (as well as no LED on either device including caps/num/scroll). I swapped the hub with another hub I can confirm was working from my flight sim as well as the power cable for good measure. However still was unresponsive/undetected/seemingly unpowered. 

I decided to bypass the hub entirely to troubleshoot the problem further. I plugged both devices directly into the back of the PC and I had both detected and working however neither device has any LED functionality at all. I closed synapse completely, reopened, rebooted, clean installed synapse 2.0, 3.0 and the beta including chroma software. Held FN down to see if caps lock would light up and  FN+F12 (increase brightness). Went into device manager to see if changing USB power settings was the problem. I even went as far as bringing my work PC home to see if I could get the LEDs to function at all without any luck. 


Did plugging in my devices into a seemingly normal hub somehow fry the backlight functionality of both my peripherals and if so is there some kind of key combo that would hard reset them? Unlikely but very strange that they both have the same problem and really trying to avoid having to replace a month old keyboard because of gamer lights 

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