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Keyboard Defaults to Showcase / Demo Mode

  • 21 March 2019
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Hi guys,

I've recently got my hands on a Cynosa Chroma for use at work, but the PC won't even allow me to use it as a basic USB keyboard. The PC does not pick up any key presses. It's stuck in 'demo mode' where it cycles rainbow colours and lights up individual keys as you press them.

I'm certain it all has something to do with corporate proxy/firewall/policies stopping the driver download.

Razer Synapse 3 installer is a non-starter too, the installer will not start without connecting to Razer.

Could someone please provide me a download for either the standard USB drivers, or a Synapse 3 Offline Installer?

Many thanks,

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2 Replies

Apologies, it turns out it's not a case of the proxy blocking the software, it's a case of the software not detecting the keyboard.
The keyboard is in Showcase/Demo mode by default.

I can turn off the demo mode by holding CTRL+CAPS+ESC while plugging in the USB cable, but this is not permanent.
After a power-cycle, the keyboard is back in demo mode.

This also happens when i leave the computer locked for a length of time.

Is there any way to turn demo mode off permanently?

(And on a side-note, having the ability to install peripheral drivers and/or software while offline would be a huge help to a lot of people. Not everyone uses Razer kit for online gaming 🙂 )
Hi there, @Foxtrot.KA60! Can you send me the serial number of your Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard through PM? Let's continue from there.