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Keyboard not working as it used to

  • 15 November 2021
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My keyboard recently stopped working properly, bottons having hard time pressing down and even getting stuck down and at times games wont detect the key.
I have 5 lights where one of them is on just above the arrow keys, and when the problem accoured the light has been switched from the furthest to the left to the one beside it, my keyboard has also swtiched colors, i am almost positive thats the problem, but i just dont think it makes sense thats keys are not properly working

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There are many possible causes why your keyboard is behaving like that. One of them is dirt/dust build-up, which causes your keys to get stuck. Here's a guide on how to clean your device. By the way, have you tried disabling Synapse to check if it yields the same issues without it in the background? PM me the serial number of your device and a photo/short video clip showing the issues with your keyboard so I can assist you accordingly.

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