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Man o' War wireless Microsoft Teams calls sound

For some reason in Microsoft Teams calls (which I'm doing an extreme amount of during Covid-19, but do a lot of ordinarily) I have found that on a one-to-one call the audio reacts like it's trying to normalise the incoming sound of the other party exponentially like the background static grows exponentially drowning out the voice of the other person.
It seems to knock out the mic as the other person has difficulty hearing me at the time, it grows to a deafening and painful crescendo and then seems to reset and is fine for a moment before beginning the cycle again.

I wouldn't really describe the sound as static, the best description I can liken it to would be - watching a badly normalised TV show (especially an old downloaded episode) where normalisation has been used aggressively when the actors and foreground noise stops suddenly and the normalisation seems to try to make any sound it can find from the background as loud as the foreground was a moment ago.

I have turned off all the audio clever features in synapse.

It doesn't do it in multi-person meetings, if i use an external mic on one-to-one calls it is fine too.

It is infuriating and makes me not want to use this really expensive headset as anything other than earphones.

Has anyone else experienced this?
music is fine, most uses seem to be fine, but Teams is my primary productivity app.

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