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Monitor flickers when connected to Razer blade 14 (2016) GTX970M

  • 1 October 2021
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Here is all the product info:
Laptop Product no.: RZ09-01652E21
Display: Wacom cintiq pro 24, DTK2420K0

So yes, this is a drawing display tablet which is a complex piece of hardware and you would think that's the issue, but I'm quite certain that the tablet itself is not the issue. Since, I've tried two other laptops (one an alienware and the other a different model of Razer Blade) with it and had no problems. I've also made sure all my drivers are up to date.
With that out of the way, my specific issue is that the tablet's display will flicker when I connect with either usb C or HDMI. The flickering is inconsistent. Sometimes the display will turn on and then go black and then say: "input frequency is not supported." Or have no issues for a few hours even after reseting a few times or unplugging it from my laptop (though I never tried powering off the monitor) only for it to stop working after I woke my computer from sleep. Right now it seems I should pursue the "input frequency is not supported" message but looking at my windows refresh rate display settings, my laptop display has three options (39.999Hz, 48.000Hz, 59.982Hz), changing them didn't seem to help, and the monitor only has one (59.951Hz). The monitor is supposed to run at 60Hz but 59.951 rounds up to that so I'm stumped there.
Personally I'm out of ideas, so any thoughts would be appreciated. Let me know if any other forums would be good to check out as well.

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