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Mouse Dock Pro firmware issues when playing Blizzard games - anyone else?

  • 10 June 2023
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Since the start of Diablo IV server slam a few weeks ago, my Basilisk V3 Pro has been randomly freezing and then not working at all, even with multiple PC restarts, plugging in cable, connecting to Mouse Dock Pro, connecting to bluetooth dongle, switching USB ports, docking and un-docking the mouse, and anything else I could think of. The only thing that seems to fix it, is going on the Razer website and downloading and installing the latest firmware for the Mouse Dock Pro - every time it’s not up to date with the latest firmware and it’s extremely tedious trying to navigate through my PC and downloading this firmware without my mouse!! This has been happening a couple of times a week since it started. Why isn’t my firmware auto-updating? Is this a known Blizzard Games issue or has it just been a whole bunch of coincidences??

  • happened a couple of times mid-game when playing Overwatch 2
  • happened every single time I tried to play the Diablo IV server slam, within a minute or two of loading and logging in to the game - I eventually had to give up as it took me 15 mins+ per time to get the mouse working again, just for it to immediately freeze again, so I missed out on the server slam rewards :(
  • happened once (I think) since official Diablo IV early access release
  • has just happened again now as I’ve quit Diablo IV - game closed and mouse immediately ceased working
  • every time it’s fixed by updating Mouse Dock Pro firmware (Basilisk V3 Pro firmware always says it’s already up to date) - so it’s not even the mouse that’s the issue (supposedly), and yet I can’t use the mouse in any other way even if I disconnect it from the dock or connect it via a cable?
  • all my relevant Razer and PC settings are set to auto-download updates, as far as I can tell (though my AMD GPU is also supposed to auto-download but sometimes it just doesn’t so I check it weekly for manual updates)

Am I being really dumb? I can’t find a fix for this anywhere online or anyone else who’s had the same issues. Please help! It’s getting really annoying.

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  • just happened again in the middle of playing Diablo IV
  • went to do the usual - downloaded firmware update for Mouse Dock Pro, as usual had to open it 3 or 4 times from my downloads folder before it actually started running - just for it to tell me that this time the Mouse Dock Pro already had the latest updates…
  • so, went back to Razer website and downloaded firmware update for the Basilisk V3 Pro, managed to run this after a couple of tries, it said my USB mouse dongle was up to date, so prompted me to plug the mouse in via cable
  • had to plug mouse in 3x before the updater even decided to recognise it
  • managed to finish update, mouse working again

Took me half an hour. This is happen way too often and getting really frustrating and ruining all my gaming sessions. Someone please help me!!!


**edited to add:

  • happened again 10 mins later. no other applications open, just Diablo IV
  • this time all firmware was up to date (obviously as I’d just done it)
  • firmware updater couldn’t recognise USB dongle, had to unplug and plug back in twice
  • managed to fix issue by unplugging cable from Mouse Dock Pro and plugging it into the mouse
  • but that’s not really a fix is it because now I have to use the mouse wired and I can’t use the dock
  • absolutely sick of this, impossible to play the game :(

Also - I’ve been using all different USB ports for this so it’s not a dodgy port, and they work fine for anything else I plug in them including my other Razer peripherals.


*edit again:

  • unplugged mouse after a couple of mins and plugged dock back in
  • both worked perfectly well
  • mouse disconnected again literally 2 minutes later
  • this time the dock also disconnected - could tell because it switched to the default rainbow lighting cycle along with the mouse (were synced to Diablo IV before)
  • again fixed by unplugging dock and plugging into mouse, but mouse still on default lighting cycle (last time it went back to the Diablo lighting profile)
  • cable is so thick and clumsy and feels like shit since I’m so used to the lightness and flexibility of the wireless mouse
  • not updating this if it happens again tonight but I am losing the will to live here lmao
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Hi @chxrliecassells,


Thanks for sharing this here. I also appreciate your detailed input regarding the issue. Please PM me the serial number of your device so I can verify its model and help you escalate your concern the relevant team for further diagnosis. 

I can confirm this issue. My Dock Pro loses the connection after every reboot, PC takes much longer to boot, Windows gets sometimes BSOD, cursor freezes sometimes for multiple seconds. This all gets much worser if Diablo 4 is running, but the problems persist otherwise too.


If the Dock Pro is not connected to my PC, I have no problems, everything runs smooth and as usual as I expect.


I’ve already tested everything, Razer Support couldn’t help and told me to replace the Dock .I did, the new Dock is even worser.


Razer, you constructed a faulty product here. For 80 Euro in my case...