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Mouse & Keyboard Disconnects/Issues? My "Pro" Guide Might Help:

  • 15 July 2023
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If you’re having issues with your Razer device(s), then the following information just might help out… but I can’t guarantee anything. As of right now, I’m treating this as a one-size-fits-all situation. Your results may vary.

I recently purchased & returned my Blackwidow V4 Pro (Yellow Switches) & Naga Pro Wireless Mouse. There doesn’t seem to be a consistent means of operation for this particular keyboard (or the mouse). I would randomly experience disconnects (mind you, on a WIRED keyboard) from the Septic (I mean Synapse) Software. I also experienced the same issue with the Naga Pro Wireless mouse (wired and in wireless mode). I also had the “cyan” light color issue once or twice from the keyboard, along with the Chroma effects not responding.

I’m not sure if this will help, but here was my “fix/solution” to this ridiculous fiasco:

1. Uninstall the Razer Septic (Synapse) program and anything else associated with it.

2. Run some kind of file cleaner and/or registry editor to remove debris (this is soo 1999).

3. Remove your keyboard and/or mouse drivers from the Windows Device Manager.

4. Since the keyboard/mouse has now been removed/disabled from Windows, you’ll have to manually press the power button on your computer to physically shut it down.

5. Disconnect your associated device cables from your PC’s USB ports.

6. Power your PC back on. Let it fully boot up into the Windows desktop environment, and make sure that all of your essential background startup programs have also loaded up.

7. Plug your mouse/keyboard back into your USB port(s).

8. They should be detected by now.

9. When the Razer Septic install prompt pops up, tell it to GO F*** ITSELF! Close Out / Cancel Out of it! Do not let it install… JUST YET!

10. Test your keyboard/mouse out with the initial/basic drivers first, just to rule out any physical connection issues or unforeseen consequences (in other words, get out your crystal ball).

11. If you so dare, then install the Razer Septic Software.

12. Rinse & Repeat (every time this happens… *Sighs*)

^ The above steps seemed to have returned the keyboard & mouse back to their default parameters (or within reason, based upon the current conditions), so I could get the features functioning again. 

13. Optional Step, if you qualify to do so: Return it back to the retailer (I returned mine back to Amazon). If the return time frame has closed, then try to get an RMA. Razer Tech Support needs to know that their devices are fuq’d up! I chatted with an online agent, and I was instructed to return my device(s) back to the retailer… if that tells you anything (anything, but a solution).


14. Optional/Mandatory step (I personally did not do this, because ya know… Fuq’dat’shea): You could try doing a CLEAN INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS. I usually install Windows 11 Pro about every 3 months… because ya know… it just takes me back to those good ol’glory days of Windows 98… when everything crashed and your only solution was to do a clean install of EVERYTHING! However I wasn’t about to just wait around for 90 days, enduring steps 1 – 12. 


For the record: My PC hasn’t behaved the same since coming in contact with the Razer Septic 3 (Synapse 3) Program! It’s even screwin’ with my Logitech G900 mouse… and nobody, I mean nobody messes with my G900 Chaos Spectrum! I suspect that the Septic 3 software actually creates conflict, in some way, shape, or form, with the main settings of the OS. That’s probably why some Linux & Mac users have issues with these devices! 

Based upon the cost of these peripherals, there is no excuse whatsoever for these problems to occur! 



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Here’s another idea. I have yet to test this, but for those of you who need answers / solutions fast (and who could blame you?!) 


Try creating a Live Linux Bootable Media USB. If your mice & keyboards are recognized by Linux, then the issue is most likely a battle between Windows vs Razer

If this does not work, then unfortunately, there could be a stubborn profile saved internally (within the mouse / keyboard) that may still cause the same turmoil. 

FTA / EDIT: I forgot to add a critical step to my step-by-step “Pro” guide!

This is actually the 1st step to take: 


Now continue on with each step… (not that it would help much, if this is a hardware/driver problem).

MAJOR UPDATE (August 11, 2023): If you have any of the CHROMA STUDIO MODULES installed, REMOVE THEM! There seems to be a conflict with these modules! For some reason, they will not detect your mouse or keyboard when they are installed! Here are 2 videos demonstrating me uninstalling the modules and relaunching Synapse 3, and my peripherals were detected afterwards:


Module(s) Conflict


Devices Redetected (but profile glitch remains)


^ In the second video, after my mouse & keyboard were detected after removing the CHROMA Modules, I demonstrate the notorious profile glitch. No matter how many times you “RESET” your devices, the old profiles (that you’ve tried to delete, always returns).

CRITICAL UPDATE (August 16, 2023): I've been testing the mouse & keyboard over the past few days. 

Here Are My Tedious Findings: For some reason if the CHROMA Studio module is installed during the initial Synapse 3 installation, then the peripherals will NOT BE DETECTED upon restarting my computer. If I "modify" the program install options to remove the Chroma Studio module and restart my computer, then my devices are able to be DETECTED. All of this is clearly demonstrated in the videos linked via my Google Drive.

Afterwards if I choose to manually install the Chroma Studio Module, then the Synapse 3 software has no issue DETECTING my mouse & keyboard. As of now, I have the Chroma Studio module installed and I'm currently using it and testing its features (this is something I could never do before, due to the conflict between the module(s) and the devices). There is a glitch / bug with how those module(s) interact with the Synapse 3 software and/or the devices that rely on them.

Looking back at this ridiculous fiasco, I had the same issues with the Blackwidow V4 (yellow switches) keyboard & the Naga Pro Wireless mouse (I returned them back to due to these issues). I would hypothesize that many other users are also experiencing similar occurrences with their devices, due to the poorly integrated module(s) / software altogether. In no way, shape, or form, is this a pleasant experience to deal with. 


NOTE: These problems are also evident when using the razertest login account with Synapse 3.


NOTE 2: I am still experiencing issues with the profiles continually being duplicated upon selecting the "RESET" option (As also demonstrated in the video).

UPDATE: My own step-by-step guide is useless…Reason being, you can not troubleshoot faulty hardware/software. These tech guides assume that there isn’t an issue with your particular Razer device. You can perform these silly wild goose chases until you pass out from exhaustion… Nevertheless you simply cannot fix something that is engineered to fail.

I’ve decided to incorporate yet another wild goose chase “Advanced Pro Tech Guide” (with extra “Pro” added, for bs reassurance purposes). This guide is for entertainment only… because ya know, I’d rather laugh than cry. So without further ado: 

*** Warning/Disclaimer: Spoof Ahead ***

* Click Your Heels Together Three Times And Say: "There's no place like home"

* Preheat Your Oven To 350 Degrees Fahrenheit

* Take A Shower Using Soap For Sensitive Skin 

* Change Clothing (Preferably moisture wicking material) 

* Brush Your Teeth With A Dentist Approved QVL Soft Toothbrush 

* Switch Brand Of Toothpaste Calibrated For Enamel Shield Protection 

* Refinance Your House 

* Move To A Different Location. Wait about 5 minutes, if unhelpful then move again

* Run Hot Water Through All Faucets Simultaneous for 5 Minutes (If unhelpful, then run cold water for 5 minutes. Rinse & Repeat) 

* Divorce Your Spouse. Stay single if this solution works, if unhelpful then remarry or find someone else 

* Go For A Walk. If unhelpful, then go for a jog. Complete 3 laps then rest for 5 minutes

* Eat Greek Yogurt 

* Switch To Gluten Free Foods 

* Ask For A Raise (If this is unhelpful, then ask for a pay reduction) 

* Switch Careers 

* Take A Bath & Soak In Epsom Salt 

* Install Windows 98, Then “UPGRADE” To Windows ME 

* Check To See If There Is a Bootable Floppy Disk In Your A: Drive 

* Disable The Windows 11 Operating System: Command Prompt C:\ RUNNOFT


*** Spoiler Alert *** 

^ If the above aforementioned ("Advanced Pro Tech Guide") did not resolve any of the issues that you are experiencing, then join the club! Welcome aboard! 

UPDATE: My other thread might be insightful, regarding certain disconnecting and other non-functioning issues with some peripherals. I’ve had similar occurrences with the Naga Pro wireless mouse & the Blackwidow V4 keyboard, as I did with the Basilisk V3 & Blackwidow V3. Here’s the link (scroll down to my last reply, I would prefer to mark it as the “Solution”):