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My mouse got messed up after an update

  • 18 October 2021
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My computer recently updated itself after I shut it down and when I booted it back up the next day Synapse would not open and my mouse dpi settings had reverted to the default. I uninstalled and reinstalled Synapse but it would not detect my mouse. I checked my device manager and it lists my basilisk mouse as a keyboard and under the mouse section there are two supposed mice connected, both named hid-compliant mouse. Both of these listed mice are running the default 2006 Microsoft mouse driver and the properties lists their manufacturer as Microsoft. I have not been able to reinstall the basilisk driver as the firmware updater on the razer support forums wont allow me to because of some error regarding bluetooth 4.0 not being available on my computer. Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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How does the mouse get detected on your Device Manager? Please send me a screenshot of your Device Manager and MSINFO32 via PM. That way, I can take a closer look at your system. For now, since you have already Clean Reinstall your Synapse, please ensure that you have the latest Window by following this guide. I'd also appreciate it if you'd send me the serial number of your mouse so I can look for a possible fix. Let's go from there.

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