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My Razer Kraken TE work sometimes

  • 4 September 2019
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I bought the Razer Kraken non TE first, but after a few days of trying to get them to work and having no luck i sent them back and got a refund. I then bought the TE as i only hoped they would work, they did. So for the first few days it was great, but then my games started stuttering and sound was glitching. It wasn't only on one game, but all of them. I have read many online articles and watched many videos to try and fix this but none have worked. I have tried updating drivers, uninstalling drivers, disabling other sound devices, but none have worked. I saw another article saying to delete my sound driver for the device, which was the THX Spatial Sound. So i uninstalled it expecting when i re-started my computer and plugged them back in it would reinstall the driver, it didn't. I have very little computer knowledge, so please don't be too mean, but does anyone know how i can get my driver back, and then to fix the stuttering sound in games? Any help is appreciated, i'm just trying to play the games i bought, but with this stutter issue they are quite unplayable. Also the stutter issue doesn't always happen, though as of recent it has been doing it more often that not. I am thankful for any help.

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Hi there! Please try reinstalling Synapse. Let me know how it goes.