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Nabu app doesn't connect to the razer account

  • 5 May 2019
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I own a nabu watch (forged edition) which has troubles (as seen in other threads, like crashing when a phone call comes...) since my android phone did the OS upgrade to version 9.

The last trouble is that I'm now unable to connect to the app !
When I enter my email and password, I got a message which tell me that there's no user data found...

This is strange, because the account is valid : I can write this message in this forum and my other materials do the connection to my account...

I guess there's a kind of compatibility software problem between the android OS and the app, but, maybe it's something, else, so any clues or ideas ?

Thanks in advance !

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Well, today it works.
Don't understand what happened. Moreover that before posting my message, I deleted the cache and restart the app...
Maybe there was a problem with razer servers for a time ?
Stressing trouble because without the app, setting the watch is impossible ^^' !

Thanks for reading.