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Nabu App Issue

So this is kind of a weird one, but a couple days ago I was logged out of the Nabu app. When I went to log back in an error message popped up saying 'No user data found!'

Several retries and reinstalls later, nothing has changed. What's going on? Am I cursed? Does my Nabu hate me all of a sudden? Is this about the Potluck Incident at work? I told you already that seven crockpots and heat-activated fire alarms don't mix.

Seriously though, what do? Any help would be appreciated.

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Can you PM me your Nabu's serial number so I can personally check for possible fixes?
I'm. I'm not sure where to find my serial number. But I think the app updated and resolved my issue. Thank you though.
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Alrighty. Feel free to give me a tap any time you need help. Cheers!