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Naga no longer recognised in Synapse 2

  • 14 October 2019
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I've got a Naga 2014, yes a little old perhaps...

Anyway, it's been working fine but I went to make some new macro's the other day and saw that the device was not detected.

I saw that there's a Synapse 3 but that does not appear to support the older mouse so to the support forums for me then... does anyone know of a fix for this, I saw there's a few posts but not actualy solution.


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5 Replies

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Please put up a screenshot of how your Naga 2014 appears in the Device Manager. If it appears as anything but that, uninstall the device driver then run a Windows Updater.

Thanks for the reply, here's what I have
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Thanks for the reply, here's what I have

Do you have multiple mice plugged in? If not, uninstall the mouse drivers appear in that tab.
No other mice plugged in.

I uninstalled the 2 HID compliant ones and then restarted my PC and they both appeared back again.. Not sure if they're to do with the Naga or not then, would not think so but also Nothing else plugged in other than Mouse and Keyboard.

Should I remove the Naga ones and see if they update differently?


So, I uninstalled Synapse and installed again and this time after it completed it ran an update to devices and all seems to be back, Naga detected, Marco's loaded and profiles listed.

Thanks for the replies and assistance, not sure why it worked this time installing again perhaps after removing the devices it triggered something. Anyway, all seems good for now. 👍
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I am pleased to hear that it all worked out for you. Will be closing this thread as resolved but feel free to PM me should this ever reoccur.