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Naga Trinity Scroll Wheel issue

  • 14 July 2019
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I've just bought a new Naga Trinity mouse - everything works great....accept for the vertically unresponsive scroll wheel. The Wheel will respond to lateral movements for repeat scrolling but forwards / backwards scrolling doesn't elicit any response. I've tried changing in Synapse 2 (Mac) but so far nothing works. Any suggestions? Is this a software or hardware issue? It's a brand new mouse purchased 2 days ago so should be working out of the box.

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3 Replies

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Thanks for posting your concern here. When did the issue start? Does the issue happen while logged out from Razer Synapse and connecting your Razer Naga Trinity to a different USB port in your PC?
Hi. Thanks for your response - tried using the mouse in game prior to downloading synapse and it didn't work - this was straight from the box. Downloaded synapse and again, it didn't work. Have tried on different port as well after your query. I can use the side to side as well as the click aspect of the scroll wheel but not the forward backwards motion.
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Thanks for confirming. Does the issue happen when connecting your mouse into a different PC? Please send me a video showing it concern through PM, let's continue from there.