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need help

So I won Razer Barracuda Pro from Google play diamond rewards and have not gotten it but says received? Also there's no way to track the item so guessing they just didnt send it?


Best answer by pulsebayWisteria242 20 April 2024, 23:11

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Same thing happened to me and I've found no way contacting support it's been a week of no change in the received status. Please support find a way to fix this

It is not solved idk why that happened!

Why is this one marked as answered? There was no answer provided.

Probably because I'm new at this and don't really know what I'm doing and put it in the wrong place maybe.  Idk.

The customers service it is really bad, I call the phone number twice and the dude hangup... I have the same issue, I redeem my prize from the goggles play store, they same me a e-mail of the other... But im still waiting for tracking number 

Same thing with me. I received an email with a tracking number, but when I go to track it - as it's been over 2wks since I redeemed it - it says I have no orders.. hmm. Can't find a phone number or email to contact anyone either. May be worth contacting Google!? 

If you have any luck with this issue... Let me know what you do... I'm may just giving up this prize... It is ridiculous and sad

I'm in the UK so can't even phone anyone as it's a US only number. No email found. Seems like a legitimate site so I'm not sure why the free prizes aren't being honoured! Unless they just take a longer time to process etc.. I will keep an eye on this thread and will update if I have any luck!

Im still trying to figure out what if anything can be done about this im not sure how to get in contact with razer or Google play for that matter , this was my only hope and seems everyone else is having the same issues :(

I Contacted Google play and explained the situation and asked for help and a few days later I received an email saying my order was sent. Finally. Maybe try that idk if that helped or if Razer just took forever. Now to see if they actually show up… O.o

Thanks AcidGreen! How did you contact GooglePlay? Have you got an email address for them?

I just got an email saying my order has been shipped... fingers crossed it gets here! Hopefully everyone else has had their shipping confirmation/will get it soon 🤞🏻 if this helps anyone..or go thru the app and click your account at top right and click help and feedback