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New Razer Blackshark v2 Pro Constantly Cutting Out

  • 29 July 2022
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I initially had different wireless headphones that had this same issue, and after an extensive amount of troubleshooting, I just assumed the headphones themselves were faulty.

Anyways, here I am, with these completely brand new razer blackshark v2 pro headphones, and they constantly cut out. Like every 20 seconds. I already have troubleshooted this for hours - the dongle is connected directly to my computer, and is roughly 4 ft away from me, and I do have a wifi router nearby, and so I moved it to 12ft away from my headphones assuming that was causing interference, but the problem is still the exact same, I have also tried connecting to Synapse as well as the opposite, no difference.

Anything I'm missing? Because I can't find a single article to help explain my issues beyond what I just mentioned.

Clearly it's not a headphone specific issue, but I cannot used wired headphones with the way my PC is placed in relevance to my desk, however the issue has gotten so bad that I can't do anything on PC without this issue always happening, just a beep, and silence, and then another beep, and it's back...

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1 Reply

I have the same issue. The headphones keep on dropping out, just bleeps at random times, about 5-10 times a minute and its very annoying. I have tried to reinstall everything, change USB ports for the USB Dongle, moved it to other USB ports, but it still happens. It has never happened with any other headset I have, I am stumped and need help.