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New to Razer, help please.

  • 3 December 2020
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Hey everyone. I have just bought my first Razer device, a 27" Raptor monitor. I understand to control the RGB light it must be connected via USB-C to a Windows 10 PC with Synapse 3. However, I only have a Mac. I know the software isn't available in Mac OS so I have installed Parallels 16 and bought a Windows 10 license. Synapse 3 has also been successfully installed. My question is will Synapse 3 in Parallels recognize my Raptor via USB-C to my Mac and let me change the lights? I don't care if I have to always have Parallels running in order for it not to lose the profile. Just want to know if it will actually recognize the monitor and let me configure it. Thank you!

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