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No THX Spatial Drivers, Nari Essential

  • 11 April 2020
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Hello! So i just got the Nari Essential and I think I goofed up with them. When I got them yesterday the mic wasn't working so I decided to uninstall all of the drivers that came with it thinking maybe I just needed to try again. Well it turns out I just needed a newer version of Synapse for the mic to work.

However, one of the drivers I deleted was the THX spatial - synapse one. Even after reinstalling everything associated with the headphones the driver is still not present. In synapse, under audio, mixer it says to to select THX spatial audio as the default device, THX is not present here either. Anyone know where I can download this driver? Or how to go about wiping out the headphone to get it to reinstall it? I tried a system restore point, the only one I had and it failed for some reason :-/

Thanks for the help! Stay safe and healthy

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