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Plugged in, Not Charging

Hi there,

The problem I'm having right now is that the computer won't charge. However, the LED indicator on the power supply is on. In other words, when the battery runs out, I can no longer turn on the computer and use it.

It is because when I connect the power supply to the computer, there is no response at all.


I heard someone said maybe the software(Windows 11) problems !

I have tried to delete and reinstall the batteries driver from the windows 11 system device, but it still can't solve the problem.

What should I do?


Attached is my laptop information.

Microsoft Windows 11 Home

version(10.0.22621 Build 22621)

Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Mid 2021)-RZ09-0409

Many Thanks



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I'm having this same issue. As a previous poster on this thread has pointed out, this is clearly a common issue. Razer support seems to shutdown threads and move them to PMs pretty quickly so they seem to be playing damage control… who's to say.

Anyway, I have updated the bios to the most recent version and that didn't do anything. I have tried the whole delete battery driver, restart, shutdown for 8 hours while plugged in, power on and drain battery, recharge dog and pony show with no real impact. My power adapter LED indicator is lit and is putting 19.05 Vdc through the central pin unloaded, which checks out. Perhaps this is windows, but it doesn't track since these reports are coming at different times (across 2 years) on specifically razer blade computers.

There is a software type issue here and you would expect a patch for something like this. Let's see some official responses! This is CLEARLY a razer blade laptop issue that is widespread.

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I have the same issue. It was not occuring until I upgraded to Windows 11. It did not start right away. I replaced the adapter. I tried a friends stock adapter that worked on his same laptop and outlet. I replaced the battery. I tried all of the time wasting troubleshooting steps mentioned here. The only thing that works is to: 

  1.) disconnect all chargers

  2.) connect a 100w usb charger with appropriate cable 

  3.) connect the AC power adapter


The AC adapter does power the Razer and even without the USB C connected it will not drain the battery, even while gaming. I paid over 4 K for this laptop and sunk hundreds into repairs and the lack of support or even acknowledgement from Razer is frustrating. I even did a fresh install of windows (11). Is the next step to hurl it through the window of Razer HQ as a junk overpriced product?  

I have the 2021 Razer blade 15 advanced with 32gb ram, RTX 3080, 60Hz 4k OLED touchscreen, i7 processor, 1TB SSD and came with windows 10.

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Same issue here with an Early 2021 Blade 15 Advanced QHD x0368.

I contacted Support and they ask all this battery log information and laptop data but never suggest a proper fix. I also think they are clearly avoiding admitting to this issue. They should consider putting a team together and fixing these issues. Future buyers beware! All of the other cases noted above and in other threads have yet to be formally addressed by someone with authority at RAZER.

@Razer Admin When will we receive a helpful response from the Razer organization? Many thousands spent by consumers here for bricked laptops. Thought we would find help from the manufacturer in this thread?.. 

Also the 100W USBC is not a real fix when this laptop demands the 230w to function at its full potential. 

If I wanted a basic laptop I would have spent less on something else.

We need real results from your research team and we have needed it for years now…


Where’s the response?  

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Having this same issue! Razer Blade Pro 2021 0368 model. Had the device for just over 6 months, was fine till about 2 months ago, adaptor is lit green, it will charge for maybe 2 seconds before going back to battery mode and not charging until it's unplugged and plugged back in again to only charge for 2 seconds. I left the laptop for a couple of weeks and then it started working again fine, however alas yesterday it's stopped charging again. The support process is far from helpful (check the socket it's plugged into has power...) All that jazz, clearly looking online this is a recurring and consistent issue across RB models and years however there isn't a "fix". 

Same problem here. It accoured around a year ago but fixed itself. I did nothing specific.

As you can see the problem is coming up again in the last days/weeks, maybe a windows update is causing this trouble?
However, never Razer again :-)

I do have the same issues with my RZ09-0330x (early 2020). Using Win11 too. But unfortunately the provided workaraound is not working in my case -.-


It would be great if Razer support could provide some official feedback on this topic, it seems to be an more general issue...

Same model (RZ09-0409) and having the same issues. 


All started around the time there was Synapse and Windows update this summer. About 2months after the 1yr warranty expired.


Went through all of the troubleshooting steps above as well as Razer support steps. Eventually paid for a diagnostic with them and they replaced the battery and sent it back.


Worked well for two days then I performed windows 10 updates to latest and within 24hr problem is back.


So I spent money on a new charger, diagnostic and battery....and it ain't working still. Glorified paper weight at this point. 


I emailed back support/RMA this point I'll be happy if they just reimburse me for the needless payments cause they don't seem to know what's wrong with their hardware considering how many threads I've found for this exact issue.

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This is issue has plagued me the past couple of days.  I have been playing around with it and I can’t seem to get it to charge properly.  Every time I plugin it connects and disconnects constantly.  It makes me sick to my stomach, after spending $3000+ for a 2021 Blade 15 Advance there is no solution for this. 


Drained my battery last night turned off my laptop and let it charge all night and nothing.


I’ve even read that disconnecting the battery isn’t an option as when you game with no battery it doesn’t draw enough power from the power supply.


This is my 3rd laptop from Razer I will never buy again or recommend if Razer can’t get us a fix!

Hi, i just had this problem.  In fact it started months ago.  I originally thought i had hit a setting that allowed the laptop to be powered only via the AC so it didn’t bother me at first as its usually plugged in when i’m working.  Stupid me!

But the problem started when i had a Synapse update on my laptop.  In fact i don’t even remember it been active when i bought it.  But i accepted the auto update.  I’ve never found a need to alter any settings in synpase which is why i never really thought about it.  Till today!

I noticed the smart charger for the battery, tried to switch it off.  Didn’t help, so i thought ill get rid of Synapse, and suddenly my battery charges again.

Now i don’t know how consistent it is as this is the first charge in a while.  But if anyone is still having an issue maybe try this.


If anyone wants to start a class action lawsuit I’ll be happy to sign

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I posted some months ago and now see many of you reporting even more cases.

Community coming together here which is great!

Still having the same issue and ended up sending my laptop to Razer. 

They quoted me a total of over $2000 to replace the Motherboard and battery. 


They need to be exposed for this.

So many of us and all for the same issues.

When are we going to put together a case for a Class Action suit?


One user on another thread I started noted that cleaning off and replacing the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU fixes the problem. 

Anyone here willing to make the attempt and report out?

I have the same problem as everyone else and it is quite an annoyance that this issue has been going on for this long for so many people. I hope that Razer will own up to this soon as I have only had my Blade 14 for around 2 years. If I knew this problem was going to happen I would have refrained for buying one. 

I have the same problem, I don't know what I do??? 😞

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@Omer-Hussein Probably best to start a new thread detailing your model and the issues you have. If its the same as the above, try the solutions already provided first.

I recommend people that have an “on and off” charging issue to just leave the Razer Blade unplugged overnight and the plugged it again the next day.

it’s usually charged just fine for about a week (in my personal experience) before it starts to act up again, If that happens just repeat. IDK what the exact issue is tbh, But Razer seriously need to take a deep dive and fix this issue

I have the 2020 Model, And it’s infuriating when I see other people’s video online with the exact same problem with a later Blade model

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I got a J5create JUP2290 100W PD USB-C Super Charger that I keep as a spare. Nothing needs to be done in the BIOS.

Has anyone found a solution for this?  I am in the same exact spot but my battery will not recharge after letting it fully drain.  New OEM battery not detected.  Laptop worked when unplugged at first so I know the battery was holding a charge, but after lettting it drain, im stuck only able to use my blade while plugged in!  This is so annoying, please help!

I am having the same problem with my Blade 15 Advanced, RZ09-0367CED3.


Razer, can you do anything?  I need this laptop for an event tomorrow and I can't get the battery to charge, or run it directly off the adapter.


A USB adapter made the computer charge for a few seconds, then it stopped after I turned it on.  Now neither the 230W charger nor the USB charger will work.

Just started experiencing this today. It wasn’t the first time I had trouble with charging it, but the first time that I’m getting the plugged in but not charging thing. Would really like to know if there is a solution for this. I need this computer for work

the issue does seem to happen when there is a synapse and windows update, usually will fix itself through multiple restarts and unplugging/plugging back in. no confirmed root cause of it though. will work completely fine for a few month then the issue reappears no sure if people are experiencing the same. 

I also got the same Problem for Razer Blade 17 late 2021 (RZ09-0406).

I try charge it with 65watt type c charger for few minute and somehow 230W charger working again.

My problem also occur in windows 11 then I try downgrading to win 10 the issue not comeback.

Still not sure it software Issue or hardware Issue.


I also got the same Problem for Razer Blade 17 late 2021 (RZ09-0406).

I try charge it with 65watt type c charger for few minute and somehow 230W charger working again.

My problem also occur in windows 11 then I try downgrading to win 10 the issue not comeback.

Still not sure it software Issue or hardware Issue.


has the issue comeback at all might try to attempt to downgrade to windows 10

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I believe it has to do with the battery overcharging and miss reading.  It’s very likely a hardware issue and isn’t something as simple as replacing the battery.  Personally I will never buy Razer again. 


Try this unplugging your laptop uninstall the AC adapter and ACPI-Complaint Control Method Battery under device manager - let your laptop die and turn off.  Once totally dead and off, plug it in let it charge 8 hours.  Then turn back on.  This solution may or may not work.  It did end up working for me, however, I am inclined not to unplug my laptop as it is stable right now and detecting the charger.  Good luck.  If it doesn’t work I read from another that just leave it plugged in (never unplug) until it fixes itself. 

2022 RB14 3080 ti model here. Getting this issue like everyone is describing :/ 

I’ve been enjoying this computer so this much I can’t tell if this is a software issue or not. This issue has been plagueing me as well and I got this computer for the black friday sale. Might just end up returning it to get a G14 if this issue isn’t resolved soon.

I’ve been trying to test some things and am wondering if anyone else has these same symptoms.

  • Unplugging and replugging from the same outlet does not work
  • Sometimes, unplugging the 230w charger wire that connects from the brick to the plug works?
  • When it disconnects, changing outlets immediately charges it (for 6 - 10 more minutes), then it disconnects again. Then swapping back to previous outlet works again.
  • My razer synapse was bugged, unable to check for updates. Trying to uninstall synapse finally gave me the option to update it :/
  • The green light on the 230w charger stays on after the laptop stops charging, then it eventually fades away. Unplugging from the laptop doesn’t do anything.
  • Unplugging and replugging in the same outlet eventually works and the green light on the charger turns on.

Finally, this issue is very inconsistent. It has not happened in the time it took me to write this post lol.

(edit) Also, after making this post, I launched minecraft and immediately had the issue. Could this potentially be a wattage related issue?

razer blade 15, advanced model : Excatly the same problem. 

i am really confused to see all your feed back and that there is  still no real solution to fix it. i had a thread with razer, they asked me to do a lot of thing, update and i don’t know. i stopped before the bios update because to complicated for me. as i read, it don’t change anything.. somebody  know how much will cost if i send it to repair to razer? 

it is incredible as we all paid really expensive for that laptop! ;-( shame on razer !!

I believe there is a diagnostic fee around 150 aud then they will replace the entire motherboard since they dont know what is wrong except that there is a clear manufacture error ( will cost 3000+ aud) about the same as what you would pay to by a new laptop