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problem when using the laptop without battery

  • 30 May 2023
  • 2 replies

hello, I opened my razor blade 15 2018 base model, to clean the fans, and I found the battery so swelled that I even couldn’t close the laptop back, like physically it wouldn’t close because how big the battery was. Any way I took the battery out and used the laptop without the battery because it will take time until I find a new battery, and I have exams now I need my laptop to study. But now my laptop won’t start some times, I reboot it and try every solution I find on the internet, but it just won’t start. there is no problem with the adaptor or anything in the laptop as it starts sometimes and other times takes an hour to start it. Can anyone help me with why it doesn't start right away sometimes?         

2 Replies

Last month when I was upgrading the SSD of my razer blade 15 2019 model, I noticed the battery was so swelled. Then I removed the battery because in my knowledge and experience, laptops should work fine without battery. And actually my razer blade works well in most time without battery. It can be turned on and off normally everyday.

However, once my child try to start a game called “KENA: Bridge of Spirits”, the laptop turns off itself immediately.  Just that game crashes my laptop, all my other games work fine. Today, I got my new battery replacement and installed to the laptop, and the KENA game starts normally again. So I think some software or program may try to detect the battery, and some thing may really go wrong when the battery is not there.

Finally, a little suggestion, try to update your OS and driver if they are not in the newest version.

Keen to know what other people have experienced. My laptop battery too has swelled (2020 model). It’s obviously a design fault. 

I was planning on just removing the battery for now until I can get a replacement…… I need to order a new little screw driver etc though, is it worth even trying to do this?