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Problem with Razer Synapse

  • 15 December 2021
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Really stupid problem here, kindof doubt anyone knows how to fix it.

Whenever I log in, I go straight to a screen with login info, security info, identity, and contact. Nothing else. At random times, it will log me out and bring me back to the same screen.. idk whats going on here

Anyways thanks in advance

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same problem here.
After last update I have a problem with "UAC" (User account control).
UAC message at every restart.
I have install Windows 11 new (image with Synapse Version V3.6.920.91710) and every think works well,
but after updating Synapse 3 again to the Version "V3.6.1201.111814", I got the same UAC message after every restart again,
It is definitely a reproducible problem by synapse.

The privios Version V3.6.920.91710 work well.

Best regards