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Problem with THx Spatial device

  • 22 February 2021
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Hello ! Yesterday I bought myself a Razer Kraken Black 2019 headsets and the THx Spatial Audio software. Yesterday was ok I manage to install and select the 7.1 surround device - uninstall it - and install the THx Spatial Audio software and select the device. Because of the problems with the microphone today I uninstalled my Audio card and the THx Spatial Audio and trying to reinstall them back. Now Windows doesn't recognize anymore the THx Spatial device or 7.1 surround device after I reinstall the software.

Anyone of you guys can help me with a fix to appear and select the THx Spatial device ?
Please help.

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2 Replies


Anyone know how to solve this problem with the device or I must think at a new headset from a different brand ? I have full gear from Razer (keyboard, mouse, and now a headset which I have problems with the device of a software to detect). In present I'm on my default device from the motherboard.

Please help.
I'm very disappointed after 5 days of problems and tips & tricks with the software, I didn't been able to solve the problem. I returned the Kraken 2019 Black back to the store and bought a new headset from a different brand. Thank you for the guys from support for trying to help me with the glich. 3.5 jack connectivity sucks.

Please close or delete the topic. Thank you and have a good day.