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Problems capturing Dreamcast with Ripsaw

  • 24 June 2021
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I'm having problems capturing my Dreamcast with a Ripsaw. DC outputs at a weird 640x480 resolution, and the only way I can capture it through Ripsaw is via the stock RCA/AV/composite cable through a Retrotink-2X Mini, but the picture quality is unacceptable. I tried a few of the cheaper options to convert signal (VGA2HDMI convertor and a Pound cable), but the signal those output are not recognized by the Ripsaw, I believe because its still at the 640x480 resolution. I tried a few S-video cables from Amazon, even the "official" Retrobit brand, and they are not true S-Vid cables, with no increase of quality over AV cables.

What are the official or community recommendations for capturing DC with Ripsaw? Looking at any price range at this point. I think I exhausted all the cheaper options. I'm considering wiring up a GBS-8200 Control, but I don't know if that, or any other VGA upscalers, will work with the Ripsaw. I'm a retro guy, as much original hardware as possible, so emulation of any kind is just not gonna work.

Thank you!

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