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Problems with external monitor by usb-c

  • 11 October 2022
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I have a razer blade 15 basel model (late 2020) and when connecting an external monitor via usb-c it does not detect it. I updated all the drivers but it still doesn't detect it.
From already thank you very much!

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@smarttrendBlue223 I have also been experiencing this. I did lots of steps including driver updates from graphics to the USB drivers. this also seems to be a common issue. I did find a fix for me though which may work for you. as these fan intakes are at the bottom of the laptop It could possibly pick up dust into the boards and connections. i got a can of compressed air and sprayed it into the fan vent in the direction of the USB side and also into the USB socket itself. I now have a working USB c again. beware that tilting the can may spay the solvent fluid out until it evaporates. try avoiding this and best to keep liquid away from the circuitry. you want just the air. so do with CAUTION! also, make sure the power is off, but then also be aware the capacitors etc still hold a charge so don't use much and do this at your own risk as you don't want to short anything out. i hope this information helps.