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Quartz Blade 15 Blue Screens WHEA Uncorrectable Error

I had a question if my Quartz Blade 15 has become defunct. I used to be able to play more intensive games such as Dead By Daylight on my PC, but my PC would consistently stay in the mid 80s to lower to mid 90s Celsius whenever playing these kinds of games. I do not undervolt or anything like that.

So what happened initially was that I tried updating my DBD game through Steam & the download failed due to verification failure?? Once I was able to successfully update the game & start it up, my PC just began blue screening with the WHEA error. I was able to start up my PC and load in & everything, but I did notice that it was blue screening when I basically had multiple apps open (no games) & attempting to multitask which I was able to do before no problem with no high heating or anything. I then tried to uninstall the DBD game & reinstalling & was then not able to install again as Steam's pop up stated that I had no disk space available even though I had over 100 GBs available.

I then did a reboot & reinstall of Windows on my system & I went directly to installing DBD again to try to play it & was able to start up the game but it then would blue screen with the same WHEA error again. I also notice now that when starting up DBD that it does not get nearly as hot as it used to before. I am able to play less intensive games fine though such as Stardew.

I also had help in opening the back of my PC to clean the fans, which didn't help. And I noticed that my battery is bulging. I don't use my trackpad, so I didn't notice before. Another thing to note is that I have not yet tested playing other intensive games to make sure that it's not just game specific?

I would just like to know if my PC is basically done & if I should just focus on getting another PC. Another thing to know is that I got my Blade at the beginning of last year...

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