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Raiju Tournament Edition Controller went unresponsive

Hi all,

I just received my new controller Raiju Tournament Edition, that I use for PC gaming, and I could not even use it correctly once yet:

- I plugged it in USB in my PC and the driver setup went ok, I then opened a game (Dark Souls 3), but the controller seemed not to react in the menu. I started the game and the controller was actually crazy, the camera getting on zenith view and swirling full speed around the character. No buttons were responding, and the camera was mapped to the L2 button, I could compensate the rotation not to throw up while I was looking through the options.

-Impossible to remap the buttons or anything, so I went on the Razer website, installed the latest driver for Windows (I'm on Win10) as well as the Firmware Updater. The update said there had been a problem installing the latest version, and could not complete it. Now it states that the latest version is already installed. I restarted my computer several times, but nothing changes.

-The Controller has since become wholly unresponsive. It does'nt react to anything anymore, shows no lights, and does not react to the hardware reset operation with a needle in the whole near M4. The "App connect" button also does'nt react, so I can't check the status of the firmware through the phone app.

Would you please indicate me solutions that I could try to make it work?

Thank you in advance

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Has someone an idea?
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Hey @Makowh! It's really hard to see that you are experiencing this while using our controller. Props to you on factory resetting the controller. Just to confirm, you cannot pair the controller to our mobile device with Razer Raiju App? We wanted to know if you were able so we can check what's your controller's current version. We can also reset your controller to default by pairing it to Razer Raiju App. We'll be waiting for your advice.
Hi Speedcr0ss, thak you for the answer!
I tried again to connect the controller to the Razer Raiju app, but the controller is still unresponsive, it won't react when I push the "Connect" button, nor if I plug it in USB on my computer.
I could pair it with the app once, before I tried to update the firmware, but since it seems impossible to reconnect it.

The Firmware Updater says the version v1.04 is installed and does not need update, but since there was an issue while updating it the first time, I can't confirm it is properly setup in the controller