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Razer 1 Phone "Stuttering" & Locking up

  • 13 February 2019
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Hi All,

Wondering if you can help me as i'm at my wits end with my Razer Phone. I bought it around the end of April 2018 and have had a few intermittent problems but nothing that a bit of general googling or know how couldn't fix. Until now.

My phone keeps locking up and freezing and going weirdly unresponsive but only to certain running apps or elements. I.e. I press the power button to unlock my phone and use the fingerprint recognition to unlock the phone and nothing. The phone acts as if i'm not using the finger print reader. Press the screen? Nothing. But i know it's responding because I can drag from the bottom left corner for google assistant and that works immediatly, asking for my passcode that then unlocks my phone and once i've done that it works fine.

This issue has been on and off for the last month but the last few days it's gotten worse. My spotify music keeps stopping anbd the app locks up, my youtube, reddit, face book and any other flash like video player starts stuttering and refuses to play audio too. I figured i'd do a hard reset last night and spent some time on youtube and spotify without installing any other apps and it's still happening!

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?

Sorry for the long post and thanks a bunchy for anyone who has an idea!

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Hi there, @technoPlumWebONYX150! Can you post a video of the said issue that you are having? Have you done some updates or changes on your phone before you had this issue?