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Razer 17 i9 12900H Too hot

  • 19 December 2023
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Hey guys, seems to be a lot of contradictory opinions on CPU temperature on the internet, so I’m going to try here.

Had my laptop about a year, use it for gaming and 3d/animation work. Recently noticed while playing some games the CPU is hitting 100’ and staying around the 90’ mark. This cant be good. Not sure how long it has been doing this but I’ve only really looked into it and monitored with HW Monitor to get actual temps.

Took it apart and cleaned out the dust from fans etc, no difference I can see. I have throttlestop but see that the options are all locked. Was going to try and undervolt. Could it just need a repaste/change of thermal pads?

Any help appreciated!

3 Replies

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Yes, I’d repaste it and undervolt if possible.

Allso try to keep it on a stand, to provide better air circulation from the bottom.

How do I undervolt if everything is locked in Throttlestop. Anyone know a way around this?

same shit