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Razer 2020 Base Temperature Spikes

  • 29 August 2020
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Razer 2020 Base model
i7-10750H 6 cores
RTX 2060 Max
16 GB Ram

Games run so far:
Mount n Blade Bannerlord
Company of Heroes 2
Total War: Warhammer II

I am using both Core Temp and NZXT Cam to monitor system temperatures. Typical temps while running games ranges from high 70's to low 80's on CPU. Temps never reach 80 on GPU.

NZXT typically has temperatures in the ranges stated above, i'm assuming it's an aggregate of all cores. I've never seen temps from NZXT go above 82C.

However, Core Temp frequently logs temps on certain cores reaching 100C. These spikes seem to be one off, fast, and infrequent with some small spikes into the 90's that are of similar quickness. Are these spikes normal? Is there any potential long term harm to lthe aptop due to them?

I've screenshotted a graph and readout from Core Temp that has the min max and the cores tjmax temperature spikes to this thread. Again, average temperature seems to be in high 70's but there are spikes, albeit quick spikes, into the 80, 90's, and max CPU temp. Any advice is appreciated.

Attachment: shows two spikes on cores 1 and 4, this is the first time i've seen it hit two cores. typically it only hits 1


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