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Razer Barracuda X (2021) mic not working

  • 26 December 2022
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The microphone works fine using wireless, but my issue arises when I plug it in using 3.5mm. The microphone works while wired on my phone, but as soon as I plug it into my PC, it stops working.

I thought it might be a jack issue, so I plugged the mic separately into the PC and it started working perfectly. Yet, it doesn't work while plugged into the headset(and yes, it's in the right slot)

To fix this, I bought a splitter to split the 3.5mm into mic and input. This seemed to work but gave really bad audio quality and the mic was just horrendous, working albeit with extreme static and loud noises, but yes, it did work while plugged into the headset

To conclude, I would like to ask; is there a way to make the detachable mic work(plugged into the headset) with the headset simultaneously connected to the mobo without a splitter so that I can retain audio quality?

I used the Realtek application and set it to headphones. My mobo is the B550 Gaming Edge Wifi by MSI

1 Reply

overtime our mic plugged into headset ps5 kaira has made very loud static sound does allow me speak and it's only wh3n the mic is plugged into our headaets port