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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Not Working

  • 16 October 2022
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The other day I was playing Overwatch 2 and had no issues with the mouse then suddenly it started stuttering, lagging, and disconnecting all over the place. I tried to make it work again, but no luck and this was a mouse problem, not a computer problem. The mouse would turn on, but there is no input coming from it, I've tried multiple computers, still has the issues. Now the mouse won't charge, it is recognized by the computer but when I move the mouse the cursor won't move at all (USB Dongle), I tried directly connecting USB/wire to the mouse, doesn't even get recognized by the computer or synapse 3. I tried possible solutions, on firmware updates, paring utility, device manager, and etc. But, it shows that the firmware is up to date (1.06.00) and the other solutions didn't work. Also, I realized that the white LED at the bottom of the mouse for the profile indicator had utterly turned off, which wasn't the case before. I don't know what happpened, it wasn't like this before and had never happened before. I've only had this mouse for like 5 months. I could really use some help!

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