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Razer Basilisk uncicking/deselecting

I just got the Basilisk a few days ago and I started noticing something happening. When I hold the LMB down and I start to slowly release it, sometimes the mouse unclicks/deselects while the button is still clicked. After trying to replicate the issue I found out that it happens quite consistently when holding the button with just a little bit of pressure.
I want to know if this is a known issue, or something other people have experienced. It's not exactly experience-breaking since the mouse is perfect in every other regard but I want to know if it's a defect that I can claim to get a replacement.
I barely notice it in-game since I either press the button hard or not at all, but doing ordinary computer tasks I tend to notice it quite a lot more.

EDIT: Furthermore, when releasing pressure from the button with the intention to unclick/deselect, the mouse responds earlier than the actual *click* of the mouse and by doing so, deselects earlier than when I intended.

EDIT 2: So far I've played FPS games with the mouse and it works fine but I can see how this can become a problem when I play RTS games where I need to select units and structures and the mouse is responding earlier than when I need it.

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Hello! What's the current polling rate set to? Have you tried lowering it?
Hello! What's the current polling rate set to? Have you tried lowering it?

Polling rate was at 1000.
However, I did try uninstalling the Razer Synapse software so I might have been using it a lower polling rate unwittingly. (depending on what the default is without software) And the problem still occurred.
Got a replacement mouse from the reseller. This one seems to be working fine.
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Thanks for the update. Got that. Please let me know if you need more help.
Okay so I've been using the new mouse since I last wrote that I received the replacement. The problem was not present in the beginning, just like the last one I had, but it started occurring again after a while. I've been using this one for a longer period than I had the last one and I can say that it's not nearly as severe. The fact of the matter is, though, it's still there and it happens on a, I'd say, 3-6% basis of all clicks. I'm starting to wonder if this is a product batch or product line problem, but whatever it is, I was not expecting it from a mid-to-high-end mouse.
Anyway, I am not looking to complain about it, just thought it'd be a good idea to let the community know.
It's an overall great product and the support I got from Razer was top-notch.