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Razer Basilisk v3 pro will not power on

  • 7 December 2023
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I’ve recently purchased the above mouse, almost 2 months or so, and its been working great for the time I’ve had it, until the last few days.

Came home, switched on my computer, tried to use my mouse and there was nothing, it’s dead. 

Note worthy points:

  • The mouse needs to be physically attached to my computer with the supplied USB cable to function.
  • Without the cable, the switch underneath the mouse to switch from OFF to BT or 2.4 doesn’t do anything, no response.
  • Once the USB cable is attached, the mouse powers up with a fast ‘rainbow’ effect and then settles into the normal slow colour rotation. I believe this is the default lighting profile.
  • When attached via USB, Razer Synapse detects the mouse and everything here looks great. Battery shows as being at 100% and has a small lightning bolt indicator, presumably meaning it is currently charging.
  • When I disconnect the USB cable, mouse powers off, windows recognizes the USB device has been detached or powered off and Synapse removed the mouse from the dashboard.
  • I’ve tried resetting the mouse by using the advice within Synapse, “Hold the left, right and scroll-wheel buttons down simultaneously for 7 seconds”. There are no audible or visual cues to show anything is happening or has happened. As far as I am concerned, this doesn’t do anything.
  • When attached via USB cable, the mouse will occasionally power off and on within a second or so, which is really weird also. I just see the fast colour rainbow flash and there is a slightly delay until the mouse realises it’s alive and I can move the mouse cursor on screen.

The mouse is on the most recent firmware, updated around 2-3 weeks ago, and Synapse is also up to date. My Huntsman Mini keyboard and  Leviathan V2 X sound bar work without issue.

Its strange that the battery shows as 100% and charging in Synapse but then wont power on once the USB cable is detached. Either the battery is defective, the mouse is not able to switch to battery power or there’s an issue with the physical switch on the underside. Maybe other issues? I have no idea...


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1 Reply

Hello Beawulf,

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with your Razer Basilisk V3 Pro. Please PM me your device serial number and fill in the following so I can initiate a ticket on your behalf and check for replacement options.

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Mobile/Phone Number:
Street Address:
Postal/ZIP Code:
Proof of purchase. Please save the shareable files via any online drive account listed here.

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