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Razer Black Mamba Elite Scroll Wheel Not Scrolling

  • 24 October 2021
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The scroll wheel WILL left/right click on command, aswell as center click. Blew out the Mouse with Compressed air, update drivers, reassigned different commands to scroll and issues persists, connected to a different port, same issue, connected to a seperate device, same issue. This is my second mouse, first one was RMA's after 2-3 weeks I received a refurbish, work well at first, now this issue has occured on my mouse after 8-10 months of use.
I really don't want to go through the RMA process again, and I want to know if it is a technical or mechanical issue, and can I amend it, Youtube is of no help.

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Does the mouse behave like this even without Synapse running in the background? PM me the serial number of your mouse. That way, I can check if there's a more suitable firmware for your device. Let's continue from there.

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