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Razer blade 15 2018 4K nvidia GPU not detected even in the bios level

  • 24 April 2019
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I use my Razer Blade (SKU RZ09-02386E52 BIOS 1.05) for video processing. Last week when opening Davinci Resolve, prompt said I had a GPU change. Subsequent investigation leads me to believe the GTX 1070 possibly died, as its not detected in device manager (enable hidden devices showed error 43 of remnant driver if I remembered correctly) and nothing in the bios level. I reinstalled the whole system to no avail, again with nothing in device manager with hidden devices enabled. Right now, everything runs on iGPU intel 630.

I did open the laptop to change the thermal paste in Nov 18 (time of laptop purchase) as video processing was noisy and CPU throttles at 100c but have not reopened since. Within this half a year, everything worked fine. Temperature remains well at 80c for Nvidia gpu and 90c for CPU every time I render a file in Davinci Resolve. I watched the temperature religiously without anomaly, with confirmed working Nvidia gpu early APR 19 as there would be a huge render speed discrepancy if using iGPU.

One more thing, I purchased this through an agent from amazon US, as at that time while I was deployed in another country in Asia self-importation was an issue and 4K version of 1070 was only available in US. Currently I'm back in Sydney, Australia.

I'm unsure of my options, will there be warranty as all I have is the machine itself and that I did open the machine. Even if there is no warranty, is it possible to get it fixed locally and what's the length of time involved.

Hopefully I missed something and by some miracle this is only a software related issue. Ideas?

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Well I just submitted a RMA request. Saw a similar problem on reddit but with no follow up. Will keep posting on updates so at least might help someone in the future.