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Razer blade 15 2020 base model charger keep going off

  • 26 December 2023
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Hi im new to this so could one of you guys able to help me as razer and there support are no help tried them many times and cant get anywhere with that so im stuck with there laptop and no support.

My problem is everything is working file but as soon i start playing any game 15-17 minutes into game charger will stop outputting to laptop the green light on charger will die down slowly and fps will drop because it will start running on battery power not AC once that green light is fully off i have unplug/replug the AC from main wall socket (not from laptop)  the light will come back on charger and it will provide the AC power to laptop and fps will go back up again, but then it will keep doing the same thing every 5-6 minutes if i wait longer before i replug the charger from main wall it will last same 17 minutes then do it again. when im not playing any games just doing normal stuff charger wont behave like that no a signal problem only happens when its under load any help would be great please 

2 Replies

this is my power report

Hi, I have the same problem too, did you manage to fix it?