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Razer Blade 15 2021- Touchscreen Driver

My laptop touch screen (Razer 15 Advanced 2021 3080 4K OLED TouchScreen) has stopped working. The display works but the touch screen does not show up and it seems like a driver issue.

Does anyone else have the drivers for the 4K OLED 60hz touch screen from the 2021 model?

  • Razer Blade 15” Advanced (2021) | RZ09-0409C

I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a download link.

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Usually it should be updated through windows update. Try run this troubleshooting, if you did already maybe try factory reset to see if it’s software or hardware issue.


I ran the windows update and that troubleshooting. Still doesn’t seem to be the correct driver onboard. 



I’ve been having the same problem with mine! i have the same model and it’s driving me nuts! it doesn’t even recognize that the driver is there anymore and there hasn’t been any physical damage to my laptop ever. I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting steps listed including factory resetting it and upgrading to windows 11 which im not a fan of and nothing works. Does anyone have the touchscreen driver file that we can download?

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Hi Guys!


I understand this issue is frustrating and I am here to lend a hand. Please PM me the serial number of your laptop so I can validate its model and kickstart a support ticket so I can escalate your concern to the systems team for advanced resolution. Thank you.

iv’e sent a PM 

I have started to have the same issue lately. I have tried factory resetting twice. no use. tried uninstalling and factory resetting. no use. Tried disabling and enabling as well. No change. The issue is persistent. Please help.


I have the same issue on my Razer Blade 15 mid-2021, 4k OLED - touchscreen stopped working and there is no driver for touchscreen in Device Manager (I think it started after Windows 11 upgrade). Is there anywhere the driver can be downloaded from?

I also have this exact issue. Running Blade 15 advanced model (mid 2021) Rz09-0409 with Windows 11 home 64-bit (10.0, 22631).

I have the same issue. Any fix?

As much money as we’ve spent on these laptops, i think it's Ludacris that they don't have a solution for this and refuse to provide support. This is clearly a common issue, and they need to do better.  This has been horrible.

I have the same issue, any solution?