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Razer Blade 15 Base Model 2018

Hello there,
I have recently purchased my razer blade 15 base model with 256gb SSD.
I am currently using the internet via hotspot but I am finding that my laptop is quite slow.
Like it downloaded a 2GB file in approximately 40 Mins.
Also, if one file is downloading it has to be that one file only like it would not download anything else.
If I download a file and play YouTube with it, the video will become really blur.
Sometimes it is slower on YoutuYo even than my mobile.
I am not sure if there's a problem with my laptop or is it because I'm using hotspot or the base model considerably slow?
I have put the laptop on gaming performance and peeked up the fan to the highest on auto settings.
Could anyone please help me on this.
Thank you for helping.

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