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Razer blade 15 LED backlight error

  • 7 February 2022
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Several keys on my keyboard are always producing red light.(f1,1,q,a,left shift). If I use synapse to change the key colors, the red light will still show along with the other color. For example, if I set my keyboard to blue, these keys will show up as purple. If I turn off the lighting entirely, they will still show red, as shown in the picture. I have tried exiting synapse entirely, which sets the keyboard to breathing but I can still tell the red lights are there, and when I hold fn, they come up. Also, possibly related so I'll mention it, when cycling colors my left shift key does not transition well through the colors. Generally the right half has already transitioned to the next color before the rest of the keys.

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2 Replies

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@raqbel, When did you notice the issue? Was it after installing an update or two? For now, please ensure that you have the latest Windows version with the help of this guide. Do PM the serial number of your device along with a screenshot of your MSINFO32. Those can help me take a closer look at your system and check for any model-specific fix for this.

@JEYPH, Please also do the same steps I've provided above so we can start working this out.

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I'm also having this problem on my Razer blade 14 but with other keys. Did you manage to solve the problem?