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Razer blade 15 left fan ramping up every few seconds under idle

  • 10 July 2020
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Razer blade 15, left fan ramping up and stopping every few seconds under idle. Its been working fine for the 2ish years I've owned it. I've noticed a slightly louder fan noise like a small vibration over the past few months but thought nothing of it. Bought it new from bestbuy. yesterday was playing some FFXIV, was working fine. Today I turn it on and a few seconds later the left fan starts ramping up and stopping, and sometime completely stops. The right fan is working flawlessly, and the computer is running and is as smooth as usual. Except the annoying left fan that buzzes as it ramps up to 100% and stops repeating itself over and over. If it was stuck at 100% I would be less concerned than it ramping and stopping. Tbh I dont even want to turn the thing on without some idea of what's happening.

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5 Replies

Same here, I got a blade base model 2020.

The fans are on contantly since the last bios update. Completely idiotic since the cpu is only 43C

My macbook pro is silent up till 60-70C , that's fine . I really wish some enigeer at Razer could look into this.
I have a 2019 razer blade and my right fan is making rattling noises as of today.....any thoughts on how to fix this?
I also am suddenly having issues where my left fan is making constant LOUD struggle noises, even when my CPU is running under 10%. Right fan is working perfectly. please help! (i have the razer blade 15 pink quarts)
I also had the same issue. After 3 month my left fan was running at full speed. I open my back cover and cleaned the fan. Now they are working fine.
Same problem here only had for 2 months. Can't control fan speed at all through Synapse.